3 years ago

Use wrapped a long scarf hair

If wearing a long, thick knitted scarf, was hidden directly to the most appropriate brazilian front lace wig inside. When the wind blows, scarves have flown up, brazilian front lace wig do not bother in the fun, and quietly to avoid a cold right e read more...

3 years ago

brazilian front lace wig

1. The need for a ball head scarf
Warm scarf skill hundred points, it does not let the brazilian front lace wig to add a layer of warmth, so refreshingly cool Zhaqi ball head, let others notice your delicate makeup.read more...

3 years ago

Oblique Liu Haishu female long hair

Beach dress with a red rose, as if the summer sun and vibrant enthusiasm.
Within the volume slightly hair, blond brazilian front lace wig and cons top-class soft in a little.

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